Kid Zinger The New Way For Kids To Enjoy Healthy Drinks

kid zinger

DisclaimerPrecious Little Worlds have been sent out the Kid Zinger for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.As we are working with Root7 & Zing Anything 

Kid Zinger- Kids Campaign,to mark the launch of this special product we have been asked to join in and take part and document our experiences using the Kid Zinger.


Hey kids! Tired of that boring, tasteless water? Well then give it a zing! With the Kid Zinger, you can flavor water with your favorite citrus fruit. Make tasty juice water using fresh oranges, clementines, lemons, and limes. Or add in other fruits and create unique combinations like strawberry lemon, orange mint, and berry lime.
Fruit juices are often given to children with the best intentions in mind but they can contain large amounts of sugar which can be harmful. The Kid Zinger allows children to drink healthy fruit infusions without all the excess sugar.
  • The Kid Zinger allows for endless tasty flavour combinations
  • Fruit infusions have all the goodness and less of the sugar compared with fruit juices
  • Easy to use and clean. Simply unscrew the bottom compartment and twist half a citrus fruit onto the reamer. Screw the bottom compartment back on and fill with water.
  • Made from BPA free tritan plastic
  • 450ml volume

Using Your Kid Zinger Water Bottle

Turn the bottle over and unscrew the bottom cup. Twist half of a citrus fruit into the citrus press. Screw the bottom cup back on and fill the bottle with water. The fruit’s pulp, rind, and seeds are contained at the bottom for infusing more flavor. Just twist, fill, and shake!

My 4 year old daughter Millie helped me in twisting the lemon for the drink, its also good for kids to learn a healthy way then the normal rubbish juice drinks kids have now a days.
You can control the amount of sugar plus other citrus fruits you decide to pop in.

At the RRP of £12.99 You might be thinking "oh that's a lot" but in the long run its not as you will be getting a high quality bottle but remember its not just that it has the juicer inside. I personally don't know of any other bottles that have this as a bonus. 

Acid resistance test leak-proof sealing strip can be placed in dishes strengthen Machine washable easy to clean. 

We have done a short video of my kids having fun decorating their bottles.

Kid Zinger Water Bottles - Reuse and Cleaning

The recommended shelf life for your Kid Zinger creations is three days, if refrigerated. All mixtures should stay chilled after mixed. If you plan to consume your Zing creation within a 12-hour period, refrigeration is not required.

The Kid Zinger typically produces one-two drinks per Zing. In order to return to a tasty concentration, add new ingredients after two servings (or 56 oz. / 1.6 L) have been enjoyed. Empty the Zinger completely, discard used ingredients, and clean before Zinging a tasty new batch of water.

Kid Zinger Water Bottle - Frequently Asked Questions

How many drinks will you get from one press with the Kid Zinger?About two. A trick to obtain two "equal" fill-ups in terms of flavor is to do a partial press of the lemon on the first press, drink down the beverage, and then unscrew and press the lemon again for the second drink.

Should you leave the lemon in or out of the vessel after a press?It is your choice. The lemon will add additional flavor, however, if the lemon is left in too long, the drink may begin to take on a sour/bitter taste. Add more water to help even out this sour zing.

Can you add ice to the Kid Zinger?Yes. Simply remove the citrus press, and add ice via the bottom opening. Then add back the citrus press.

Kid Zinger Water Bottle - Instructions Of Use

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry ingredients before Zinging.

  2. Thoroughly wash and dry Zinger before using.

  3. Make sure the vessel is empty and that the top lid is on tight before adding ingredients.

  4. With the zinger facing topside up, remove the bottom base cup by unscrewing. Flip the citrus zinger on its head (top cap), to reveal the citrus press as facing upwards. So, the top cap is referred to as a “double base”.

  5. Slice citrus fruit in half and twist press the fruit half on the citrus press. Always try to use ripened and fresh ingredients when Zinging.

  6. Grab the vessel with one hand, and press the fruit with the other hand.

  7. Once the fruit is pressed, screw back on the bottom cup tightly and then flip the bottle back over (top side up).

  8. Unscrew the top cap, and add water, cool tea or other beverage option.

  9. Reseal the top cap, shake aggressively, and enjoy!


    • Leave the citrus half inside the bottom cup, or not, based on preference and fit.

    • When emptying ingredients and performing a refill and new infusion, follow the above steps.

    • When the Kid Zinger is wet, there can be droplets of water stuck in the threads. Using the bottom cup to catch these droplets can be a good way to keep things clean when doing a fruit change.

     Kid Zinger Water Bottle - Tips & Tricks

    • You can also add ingredients to the liquid portion of the vessel (main body) for additional infusion or flavor as desired, such as cinnamon sticks or even larger fruit items. Simply open the citrus press and add the items to the vessel (then replace the citrus press). Ice can be added via the same method.

    • Keep refrigerated if possible, as water is best served cold.

    • Over steeping citrus fruit can occur if the fruit is left in for too long – i.e. 12-24 hours, producing a sour taste.

    • Add water to even out the sharp taste if needed. Some potential flavor families that work well with your Citrus Zinger: SWEET: peach, strawberry, pineapple. SHARP: lemon, lime, grapefruit. BOLD: Clementine, orange.

    Kid Zinger Water Bottle - Cleaning & Emptying Trips

    To empty the used ingredients of a Zing, simply unscrew and “flick” the bottom cup into a trash can or sink with garbage disposal and the “waste” should easily remove itself. A rinse and clean will set you ready for a new press.

      Kid Zinger Water Bottle - Serving Recommendations

      Serve water cold or chilled.

        Kid Zinger Water Bottle - Cautions & Warnings

        If you notice any adverse reaction, or feel you may have food poisoning after consuming a mixture, please seek medical attention immediately.

        • Discard infusions if apparent cloudiness bubbles or foul odor develop.

        • When in doubt, throw it out.

        • Parental supervision is recommended*

        * Children love to be a part of making things, and it is our bet that zinger drinks will become their favorite beverage in no time. That’s a great thing! However, as a practice of safety parent supervision is recommended. Note, all parts are made of Tritan BPA/EA free plastic.

        Additional Food Safety Tips

        • Make sure there is no odor or residue in the Kid Zinger. It should not have any remnants from past Zings.

        • Be sure your fruit is in good condition—bruising or decay indicates the presence of bacteria. If you harvest your own ingredients, do so in the morning, when the essential oils are at their peak.

        • Clean the Kid Zinger thoroughly between uses.


        Use care when operating and washing this item to avoid injury.


          • Do not use with hot liquids

          • Avoid exposure to excessive heat when consuming a mixture.

          • Do not microwave

          • Do not freeze

          • In order to minimize bacterial growth, do not use to keep warm milk products or baby food.

          Thank you for taking time to read our blog post.

          My Journey With Diet Chef On A Vegetarian Diet Plan

           Diet Chef

          DisclaimerPrecious Little Worlds have been sent out a hamper of food from Diet Chef for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.

          A few days ago we announced some exciting news that our blog "Precious Little Words" are official Diet Chef bloggers.

          Guess what arrived awaiting for me yesterday after work our Diet Chef hamper pictured above remember we have the vegetarian option but they have a huge range for non veggies. 

          But first I would like to tell you a little more about what and who they are- 

          About Diet Chef

          Wouldn’t it be simpler to lose weight if you had someone to prepare your food, control your portion size and count your calories? Just like a celebrity’s personal chef.

          I started Diet Chef because I wanted everyone to be able to have that same advantage. No more labour intensive cooking, no more worrying about calories, no more counting points or struggling with portion size.

          I am originally a chef by training and incredibly passionate about food so it’s important to me that everything you eat on Diet Chef is delicious and healthy with no nasty ingredients.
          I work with Alan our Executive chef to ensure you have a great range of food to choose from with lots of new dishes and innovations.
          Diet Chef has grown a lot in the last 5 years and we are now the largest diet home delivery company with over 80,000 customers, it’s been a brilliant journey.

          How much weight do you want to lose?
          You can tailor your diet plan to suit you-
          Less then a stone you can opt for the 4 week plan

        • Your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & a snack each day
        • 1200 Calories A Day
        • Pay monthly
        • Great way to try Diet Chef!
        • Renewed automatically 

        • £61.25/week*
          Pay Monthly - £245 per month

          Between 1-2 stone =
          8 Week Plan
          • Your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & a snack each day
          • 1200 Calories A Day
          • Pay monthly
          • Save £50 a month
          • Renewed automatically
          • Pause when you want! **
          Pay Monthly - £195 per month

          More then 2 stone =

          12 week plan

          • 12 week plan
          • Your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & a snack each day
          • 1200 Calories A Day
          • Pay monthly
          • Save £60 a month
          • Renewed automatically
          • Pause when you want! **

          Pay Monthly - £185 per month
          Best value plan
          Get your 4th Month FREE!!
                                You can also edit the food you don't like out of your hamper.
          Now I am going to take you on a journey into how and why I am doing Diet Chef!
          Firstly yes I am a Vegetarian and have been most of my life. I have struggled with my weight from my early 20's.
          Thinking back one of the most low points had to be pregnancy and birth of my daughter Millie. She was born 10 weeks early & spent over 14 weeks in SCBU plus NICU,so this took its toll on me the majority of the time I was eating takeaways and hospital canteen junk food.

          I got back on track before becoming pregnant with my second child but also had some problems with my pregnancy. This spiralled and I put on the weight again. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror, at my biggest I was 11 & half stone.

          I started my own get healthy regime in January and tried all the well known brands which didn't work for me, the milkshakes made me vomit. Then I was getting desperate I reduced my portions and started skipping lunches which is not good.

          Did struggle to find the nutrition's and balance needed in my diet,do think most vegetarians would agree with me.

           diet chef

          I  started to lose weight and went from 11 & half stone to 10 stone but
          I do not recommend doing this, you feel ill and very weak. When I read about Diet Chef I really felt I had the ability to get to my target weight which is 9 stone and also give you the viewers the inside on how and if its going to work, then on the 13th August my hamper arrived yay :)

          Safer way to lose weight
          Convenience - your hamper delivered to your door
          No faffing around looking for what you want to eat for the rest of the day
          Save money in the long run

          Healthy facts about vegetarian diets

          A well-planned vegetarian diet can give you good nutrition. A vegetarian diet often helps you have better health. Eating a vegetarian diet can help you:
          • Reduce your chance of obesity
          • Reduce your risk of heart disease
          • Lower your blood pressure
          • Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes

          Now I invite you all into my journey to lose my last stone with Diet Chef.

          Thursday the 14th of August day 1 Breakfast- 

          Fruit & Oat Soft Cookie 45 g 198 calories
          A decadent and delicious soft cookie, made with rolled oats, raisins and desiccated coconut, with apricots and mixed peel and subtly spiced with mixed spices. I developed these cookies especially for those who may not normally have breakfast and an alternative as a breakfast on the go.

          What hit me the most about the fruit & oat cookie is the soft moistness of it as a lot of cookies are very dry,this added a nice texture just loved the combination from the oats/raisins & apricots.

           diet chef

          Have to say was a little more calories then I normally look for in my breakfast bars but all in all very nice with my herbal boo tea!

          Lunch -Chocolate Flavoured Milkshake 48 g 201 calories

          A rich chocolately meal replacement drink mix, with a great balance of creaminess and sweetness. All our milkshake mixes are easy to make and super-flexible; just pour into your Diet Chef shaker and add water when you’re ready to drink – no fridge required!

          Preparation -

          1 - Empty contents of one packed into a shaker
          2- Add 250ml of cold water
          3- Shake until well dissolved 
          4- Consume within 10 minutes

           diet chef

          I have been provided with a Diet Chef shaker

          As I previously mentioned me and healthy milkshakes just don't get on so when I gave the Diet Chef one a go was thinking "right that's me being sick again" . 
          Well I could not believe it this is the first ever shake that has not turned my stomach and actually was very pleasant they come in chocolate ,strawberry and vanilla. Texture not too thick as for me that can be a big problem.

          Snack- Cheese & Onion Flavour Bakes

          It's a fact – this is our bestselling snack and easy to see why. These really crisp snacks are baked to perfection with a classic cheese and onion flavour. Truly are a great snack and a must in your hamper.
          105 calories

           Huge fan of these just such a delicious taste to them full of flavour not bland at all even could eat a few more pack opppsss did I say that!

          Dinner- Vegetarian Lasagne 

          A rich vegetable ragu with egg pasta and topped with a creamy sauce   270 g 240 calories

          This was the one I was so excited to try as do love a good veggie lasagne and could not get over only 240 calories just outstanding.

          Packaging very simple but effective very inviting wanted to get stuck in a prepare it as the picture on the package looked fantastic,but unfortunately this was short lived as soon as I took the veggie lasagne out of the microwave and put it on to my plate it did not look nothing like the 
          picture shown, which was a little disappointing.

          Taste- Did enjoy all the packed vegetables but did find the topping a bit slimy just seemed to be one texture to it,would of been nice with some Parmesan sprinkled on the top to give it that extra edge.

          Day one came to an end.

          Friday - Day off from Diet Chef you don't have to do this but the way I am and to fit in with my lifestyle as I have Fridays off is my treat day.This does not mean I'm going to stuff my face full of rubbish it just means I will be eating a none Diet Chef food for one day as I feel this works better for me so I'm not craving the things I want such as a jacket potato with cheese & beans ect----- 

          Do feel this benefits me but as I say you don't have to do that remember its your diet your plan.

          Will be going into more options in this vegetarian food from Diet Chef next time.

          Hope you all enjoyed my first part of Diet Chef journey, if you want to ask me any questions please do so.

          All the best Hannah at Precious Little Worlds 






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