My Review for plum products on the mews kitchen



I was overwhelmed when I was asked if it could review the mews kitchen for plum products, it’s been a item I have been looking into a lot and doing research around play role kitchens. Inquisitive children always enjoy copying their parents doing everyday chores so your little helper with love this.
Would love to share with you all a little info why I wanted to test/review this for plum.
My daughter Millie was born 10 weeks early and has a lot of learning difficulties so wanted an item that would challenge her so she can develop more and what absolute opportunity to do so. Millie will be 3 years old in 2 months so just the right age for the mews wooden kitchen.
Millie received this for Christmas so waited to Christmas day to give her the wooden kitchen doing it as a special gift if your little ones got this is wow they would be amazed. Christmas day was hare, was so excited for Millie to see this, she came down and saw her presents and went straight to the big one of course I don't blame her I would of done as well. J 

Comes flat packed with thin foam layers protecting each piece of wood plus full instructions on how to assemble the mews kitchen. On the manufacturer's instructions its says –
·         Recommended age: 3 years +
.        Assembled size: L0.58 x W0.30 x H0.99m
·         Minimum user age 3 years
·         Not suitable for children under 36 months – small parts – choking                 hazard
·         Adult assembly required· Adult supervision recommended at all                                                                       times.
My mum and dad came round for Christmas so I have to say my dad to help me with the assembly of the kitchen all it took about 45 to 1 hour to build it, P.S thank you to my dad. J
                                                                         The lovely plum logo .                                     

Abit about plum taken from their website   We are a family run business and proud of it. Trading for over 23 years, we know a few things about toys. We pride ourselves in bringing quality toys to market for generations of children to enjoy.
We manufacture a wide selection of outdoor toys to suit different size gardens and budgets, from climbing frames to trampolines and sand pits to swing sets. Creating a fun, safe and social environment for your whole family and friends to enjoy, is what we do best.
Playing is such an important part of childhood and is so easily forgotten. That’s why all our toys are designed to encourage outdoor play and exercise. Our play sets can also help improve physical development by improving balance, co-ordination and social skills.

This is it yay the finished gorgeous wooden play kitchen. What I found striking is the vibrant colours for the kids. For me it’s a well build kitchen, you can tell that the wood is very high quality the finish is outstanding. Stated from plum products Made from premium FSC® certified timber. The items that I found included are x 2 plastic source pans brightly coloured very light weight plus a few utensils. I love that is has a removable plastic bowl for the sink.
Features include an oven and microwave with doors which open and close, knobs on the taps and oven which click and turn, convenient storage above and below the sink with a canvas curtain and a removable sink for quick and easy cleaning.
The Microwave and oven door are magnetic. My daughter had a little trouble opening them at first with the force of it be sure to place the wooden kitchen on secure flooring  as it was new to her she did have to give it some force to open it and did topple a little so also make sure they are supervised might also be a good idea to attached it to the wall if needed. Also the  pot lid handles come off easily , I would have had wooden pots and pans to keep in with the fitting of the wooden theme. I did get some more accessories which are wooden and found they looked a lot better also more durability in them.
I was told by Millie’s specialist that it is important for her to role play and to get used to textures, different objects.  Millie finds it difficult to communicate to us about her surroundings and environment. This kitchen helps her to use her imagination and learn important lessons through play. Millie just loved the little dials on the oven they even click which is more exciting and seeing her face light up.  Has good storage for your other little cooking items you could put behind cupboard with the cute little curtains. Plus a nifty shelf at the top at the side of the microwave so you could put some wooden salt & pepper pots for your kiddies to play with .
It’s been amazing watching Millie role play  and learn Millie was even saying Hmm it's delicious this I have just made lol. I found the kitchen to enables the visual and the motor systems to work together. Develop physical skills. Gross motor skills are developed as a child learns to reach, grasp, and I found with the untensils that the Fine motor skills are developed as your children handle small toys such as these. also found myself joining in with Millie which was a joy .Found this very good for helping train Millie’s brain more as she has hydrocephalus (water on the brain ) as parts are damaged and delayed this was to help her immensely .  I think it’s a big part of our childhood to do this to bring out the vivid imaginations of our kids and why not I say you’re only a kid once.
I defiantly found that it helps a lot with Millie’s concentration, we have great difficulties with this keeping her entertained on an item for so long and this sure did.
To summarise the mew kitchen is a well-rounded and well-priced wooden high quality kitchen, jam Packed with fun features.  I have been looking around on the web plus instroes at other kitchens , I have not found any that come on par to plum products . Well worth every penny I will be given it 9/10 it would have been 10/10 if it has come with wooden  accessories. I found the plastic pots against the lush quality of the kitchen a little poor but other than that its  hard-wearing, well-put-together OUT OF THIS   WORLD KITCHEN .                                                                                                       On the plum  products website its rrp is £100 they do also do other kitchens and items for younger / older products that can be found on  please also have alook at plum products facebook page that can be found at  .
Thank you to plum products for letting me and my daughter review this for you all the best from
Hannah Staveley.