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About -
Katherine Caldwell Illustrated Collections is your one stop destination for a feel-good, eco-friendly, illustrated design lifestyle.
From greetings cards to luxurious cotton tees, Katherine’s characters are happily featured, each complete with a little story of their own.
Katherine’s designs come from a life-long love of animals, farmyard visits, picnics in the countryside, and childhood picture storybooks. Combine this with a grown up passion for cool iconic t-shirt design, the environment, and the finer things in life, then you have the wonderfully eco-friendly Katherine Caldwell Illustrated Collections. 
After Katherine gained her Graphic Design degree from the brilliant Liverpool School of Art and Design (where a young John Lennon attended don’t you know!) she saw great success with her final year animation (stop-motion and hand-drawn) and flew over to Berlin where it reached the final of a worldwide film festival.
Katherine then took her love of characterisation and storytelling and decided to create her own range of prints and t-shirts, still staying true to her storytelling nature by giving each character its own unique tale. She soon built up a family of characters that quickly gained the name the "Illustrated Collections".
These days the Illustrated Collections family has grown to include a range of greetings cards, small and large format art prints, organic baby t-shirts, organic baby sleep-suits and organic children’s t-shirts.
A love for nature and the environment has led to the brand’s pretty impressive environmental policy that sees Katherine working with the finest and most luxurious eco-friendly materials. We work with the planet, not to the detriment of it. Just how it should be.
So look out, the collections are growing all the time, no animal will be ruled out. If it smiles at her (yes animals smile) or licks her hand, it will probably make it into the Illustrated Collections.
My Alfie in his long-sleeved Giraffe t-shirt .

The sumptuously soft Organic cotton t-shirt is made from the thickest, purest cotton that you can imagine; perfect for those days with a chill in the air just like today! Also, the material will breathe comfortably for warmer sunny days making this a perfect all-rounder!
Your gift will come in its very own gift box with Giraffe story inside and you can choose from sizes 6 months 12 months and 18 months.