Jolly Roger Sand-pit

Jolly Roger Sand-pit


The Jolly Roger sandpit is a great Pirate themed sand pit that all will children love. This sandpit comes complete with integral seats and a steering wheel, as well as a secret compartment at the front of the ship to store toys.
Suitable from age 3 years.
As Millie has lots of health problems & needs extra help as she is in a specialist nursery I like to help her develop at home aswell .

What Can Children Learn From Playing in Sand?Sand play promotes physical development. Large muscle skills develop as children dig, pour, sift, scoop, and clean up spills with brush and dustpan. Eye-hand coordination and small muscle control improve as children learn to manipulate sand accessories

Sand play also promotes social skills.

Millie all dressed up :)
Millie just loves role play she is at the right age of 3 years to get involved with all the imaginary play.

Bubbles are so much fun for kid's.