Water Wipes Review & Giveway

I first came  across water wipes at the baby show NEC Birmingham 2013 where I met one of the head people of the team. It was good timing because I was on the look out for some new wipes.  The most I have used in the past are causing so many problems with my daughters and son’s skins when using well known other brands .
As a mum of two kids with high allergies, I also suffer from eczema I'm finding it so hard to find the best price high quality baby wipes that will not sensitize mine and my kids skin .

Here is a bit about water wipes taken from http://www.waterwipes.com
 WaterWipes are suitable from birth. Newborn baby's skin is five times thinner than an adults! That’s why their skin is so sensitive and other wipes are not suitable.

Parents know that we need to change their baby’s nappy up to 10 times a day. Imagine wiping those ingredients (on the other side of the page) on your baby’s skin 70 times per week and then locking them in with a nappy. There is no product that you would use that many times, even as an adult.

WaterWipes are great for nappy rashes and other sensitive skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis because WaterWipes doesn’t irritate the skin. In fact WaterWipes are the only baby wipe ever to be approved by Allergy UK.

As pure as cotton wool and cooled boiled water – recommended by your midwife – but far more convenient and effective. So much so that maternity wards and Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the UK and Ireland have started using WaterWipes and recommending them to parents

What is in WaterWipes?

•Purified Water @ 99.9%

•Citrus Grandis seed extract – aka grapefruit seed extract

...and that's it!

I have been using water wipes for about a month now as I wanted to make sure that I could do a good review on this item & have the opportunity to test them in my own honest opinion.
First of all impressions of the look of the water wipes packaging - simple and gets to the point you know what you are buying it very clear they are baby wipes.
The only problem I found with the packaging  is when using the wipes you open the sealed film that protects them , when you pull one out about five more follow which can be a pain when in a rush , I would love to see Water Wipes take my opinion on board and maybe re-think and put in place an open and close lid as I’m sure this would reduce the amount of wipes you pull out .
I have found on every use of the wipes with my kids bottoms they have had no red rashes or no irritation to the skin. And a plus on my hands also no problems.
Water wipes are a little more expensive than your normal supermarket made brand but they are well worth it as you know what natural ingredients are in the wipes.  That’s why I’m very happy to spend a little more on a better quality wipe.
 WaterWipes work very closely with Bliss Charity and I am sure you will agree it’s a worthwhile cause to develop this fantastic partnership.  

I also would love to get water wipes involved with bliss events even do a little goodie bag with a travel size water wipes pack & money off voucher so you can all sample and try out for yourselves :)

When you're using the wipes I found they have just the right amount of moisture in the wipes.


As show in the table below all the potential chemical skin irritants that other brands have in their wipes .

You can buy water wipes as a single pack that contains 60 wipes.


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Also you can get WaterWipes Super Value Box - Pack of 12, Total 720 Wipes

WaterWipes Super Value Box - Pack of 4, Total 240 Wipes

WaterWipes Super Value Box - Pack of 9, Total 540 Wipes

And very handy for travel-  Waterwipes Travel Packs Value Box - Packs of 10 (240 .
A massive
Water Wipes for letting me try your items , more information can be found at http://www.waterwipes.com