Review On Bibisili Bibs

I have been reviewing Bibisili crumb catcher bib for

What is Bibisili -
                                            100% silicone baby and toddler bibs with adjustable and neck crumb catcher. Babies and toddlers love them! Animal designs. Age 6 months plus.


Take a look at all the range they have in so many choices & deigns to choose from -

Ceri Cat
Charlie Chick
Chloe Cow
Dylan Dog
Ellie Elephant
Hettie Hippo
Poppy Pig
Sammy Seal
Zoey Zebra
Marvin Monkey
Jake Giraffe
& The amazing new Deano Dinosaur that I am reviewing .

When our package came from  I was very excited to find the new Deano Dinosaur bib .

 And here he is !

Packaging OF Item
                Each bib comes in a clear see through plastic wrapper safely secured together.

      Once opened it was time to try out Mr deano on my son (Alfie 12 months),

As you can see in the picture it has a adjustable neck .

Alfie having a look at his
new bib.

Very easy to place around Alfie's neck he did pull at it for the first few time but her soon settle down when he saw his food coming, great idea that is has a  Built in crumb catcher
which is a bonus . Also other features are
  • durable and washable
  • rolls up for easy storage (great for home but also for travel & holidays)
  • dishwasher safe
  • silicone bib CE certified
  •  RRP of bibs are £6.99

    Love the fact Bibisili bibs are eco friendly and non toxic so harmless on your baby's skin .
    I found the bib very eye catching even my daughter Millie asking about it and saying wow look what Alfie has on , bless her .
    Happy times :)
    When Alfie had finished making a mess I was happy to see all the food on his bib plus in the bib catcher for once it was not all over the floor .
    You can ever wipe the bib clean with a  antibacterial  wipe like I did or can be placed in dishwasher this I would of done as well but sadly our dishwasher broke a few week back .                                                
                                                                                                         And Mr deano all clean again ready for next time .

    I have been very happy with the quality & durability of bibisili bibs and will have no problem recommending them to you and my friends & family thank you ever to much to the amazing Bibisili for letting me review their bibs .

    Ohhhh and don't forget to have a look on my Facebook page as I'm giving 2 of the bib away in a competitions