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Safety Gates

we recently had a baby safety gate in our house at the top of the stairs but we have had so much trouble with our gate not opening wide enough for us to get our kids round the gate and how has broken ,so have been on the look out for a new gate with better features .

When I saw on  they were looking for testers to review safety 1st baby gates I fought it was the perfect time & opportunity to do a review on my blog  .

Sent safety first a email with my blog link and facebook page with also how I love to blog about products that could help other parents.

Got a lovely message back asking precious little worlds to pick a suitable gate for our house, I picked the Easy close metal gate .

Round about a week weeks later we received our gate to review .

The arrival of the gate !

Which gate -
Easy Close Metal
Safety Gate
- Easy Close Metal Safety Gates fits openings of between 73 to 80cm.
- Extensions available to fit openings up to a maximum of 136cm to fit extra wide areas of the house.
- Extensions available in 7, 14 & 28cm widths.
- Suitable for when your baby starts to crawl and walk, approximately 6 and 24 months.
- Can be used at the top or bottom of the stairs and in door frames for maximum flexibility.
- Easy installation with the ready to use 4-point pressure fit frame.
- Always use with the supplied wall cups for maximum security.
- One handed opening with extra wide walk through for added convenience.
- Easy closing system just push to shut.
- Featuring dual opening action and additional bottom lock for maximum safety.
- 2 way opening for ultimate convenience.
Challenge 1  setting safety gate up
This gate was quite simple to build. Before you start you will need a Phillips head screw driver and a tape measure.

In my experience most baby gates are relatively the same to build. The biggest task for me was measuring the gate and placing it flush to the upstairs banister. I must admit I had to get my partner Jonathan to help with this. To make sure you line up plastic grip holders to make sure they are level and you have the option to either screw the holders in place or you can simply use the handy adhesive tape. at which point you simply screw the rubber plates to the wall to ensure its secure, no require drilling into the wall.

This is not the first gate I have had to put up but I do think its the most simple that even the most girly girl can handle with ease.

Safety 1st logo

 Once the we had the gate in place I took the opportunity to try out how far the gate would open too and was very happy that you could get through it with our kids no problem.
The big feature & added bonus for me had to be additional bottom lock for maximum safety a must as we have a 12month & 3 year old daughter who loves to get her hands on anything and try and open the gate , very happy with the extra feature she could not open any of the the gate result for us .
You can also get extra Extension kits.
           Just push the two levers down at each side of the bottom of the gate for extra safety .

Ease of opening just on hand.

                                     Also available at  Argos  £23.99