Cable & Cotton String Light Review

Cable & Cotton are a creative lighting company with a trendy edge with a added  fun style of bright colourful string lights .

I was asked to go onto  to pick my choice of string ball lights for me & my daughter Millie to review, as she has a lot of sensory needs I thought this would be a good one for us to look at .

Came across the pre-selected lights-
Rainbow Drops

A spectrum of Violet, Turquoise, Pure White, Anais Green and Raspberry Red create this truly vibrant string of lights.

They seem to take no time at all the come :)

Inside the box comes 20 cotton balls ,light string plus two extra replacement bulbs and full incrustations .

 Assembly of the lights -
First  check that the light are all working by plugging into your wall socket if all ok then turn off and unplug carry on with next step .
Locate the hole with the end of your light in the cotton ball it should have around 1-3 score cuts in them ,
Twist & push the ball on to the light fitting, all the way into the ball.
You may need to use a little force as I found out then pull the two cables apart from each other so that its all secure.
Millie wanted the lights in her room .
They looked amazing in her room I could see Millie clapping her hands and saying they are beautiful mummy!

As Millie has hydrocephalus ( water on the brain ) her sensory needs are high we do see lots of consultants and therapy but having the equipment at home is another matter as all sensory products are way out of mine & other parents' budget so I wanted to find a alternative , cable & cotton sure came up trumps with a string of 20 lights costing £22.95 .
You can also have 35 lights & 50.
Each of the mini thread lampshades are about 6-7cm in diameter.
Each cable comes with all of the light bulbs fixed as well as a 3 pin plug for UK use.

Details of the light cables:
20 Light Cable
203 V / 50 Hz / 15.6 W
Each Lamp12 V, 65 mA, 0.78 W
14 cm between each lamp
140 cm of lamps (lit) and 150 cm from the plug to the first lamp.
Pick your own as well  lots of illuminating colours to choose from .

For more information take a look over at

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A big ---------------
to Cable & Cotton.