InnaBox Blank Cards For Any Occasion

I was asked by Innabox to pick a card from  for my blog to review.

First of all who are InnaBox -

Where it all started

Innabox was founded as a company in April 2012. However, we did not start trading as a company until September that year. With almost a year on, I'm writing this feeling very excited for the future! But here is a little bit about how we got started!
Starting with jus 2 people, and idea and a passion for design, we began Innabox. Not sure in what field we wanted to go down or how we were even going to make a business out of it we fought hard to get where we are today. Designing day and night for months to launch for the Olympics was the original plan, but this sadly fell through and ideas changed along the way. We decided to wait until we felt 100% ready for take off! Not that you ever feel ready!!
Waiting on Cards to be printed, Phone Cases and Gift Boxes to be shipped over from China, we worked hard to construct the branding of Innabox. Also the right look for the website. We challenged ourselves and began trying every avenue to see where we would fit best. Sampling products was fun and exciting! Clothing? Stationery? Or Greeting Cards? Standing out with our individuality in the Card industry, we decided this was the best way for us to go!

When I got onto InnaBox website I was amazed by all the unique designs they had because at first I was unsure how they would differ from other cards but I was very happily surprised as I have not seen anything like InnaBox cards out in the shops .

Went for -  Spotted Mane Lion Card + free stickers.  £2.00

This adorable spotted mane lion card, is a fun way of delivering a message of your choice! Being blank inside and out this card allows you to write exactly what you like to fit any occasion! Or if preferred, you can decorate it with your free fabulous stickers! 2 sets free with any Ickle' Mix card.

My card came in quick time and very handy as I was sending a thank you card to Diono UK .

Comes with X1 Card of your choice
                    X2 Sets of stickers
                    X1 Envelope‎

 Stickers are so cool & vibrant !
I got on with writing my thank you card & I have to say even I had so much fun adding the stickers to the card so your kids will have a really good time making and sending them .
All ready to be sent .

What I like about InnaBox is you can choose a very unique card that other people will not have plus for £2 for a vibrant stand out card that you can personalize yourself and get your card straight to your door with   Free Delivery! / very good quality card with thought .

Also they don't just have card you can also get - cool accessories! We have adorable iPhone and Blackberry Cases that have proved popular this year! We also have spacey Gift Boxes to keep all of your posessions in! Purchase a Post Card or Stickers to go inside! Perfect gifts for friends!

We received this thoughtful card today. Thank you Hannah Staveley!

Diono Uk displayed it on their facebook page :) 

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