Magic Mitten

I was asked if I would like to try Magic Mitten for my blog review on my 12 month old son Alfie.
What is the Magic Mitten Story- from
The Magic Mitten was created by Mark Hubble for his baby Lily. When Lily got herself in a state she was difficult to settle and he tried all kinds of things to calm her dummy's, pacing, rocking, singing, driving around in the car...the list goes on. He thought there must be a better way.  So he created a product that brought together the perfect sounds at the perfect pitch and the results were like magic!

The Magic Mitten was designed to be an effective, safe and portable settling aid, that could be operated while holding a baby, and that didn’t drive everyone in the vicinity crazy.
Mark's initial prototype was so successful at calming his daughter Lily that he knew he was onto something.

Together with friends Simon and Dean, Mark developed, patented and began selling the Magic Mitten.  
Simon’s videos testing the second generation prototype on his own baby girl  generated interest from international distributors.  
And it’s been magic ever since!
What do I get with my magic mitten
Box Contains: 
1 Magic Mitten
1 USB cord
1 AC Plug

 RRP of  £40.00
I have never seen anything like the Magic Mitten before and thought it was a unique concept.

Firstly, it would be a good idea to fully charge the player via the AC adapter, USB cable or car charger. The player will charge most quickly via the AC adapter.

Turn the player on via the switch on the right side of the player. Once this has been turned on, the switch can be left in the “On” position as the player can be turned off and on by holding down the central dial, saving you from taking the player out of the Magic Mitten between charges.

On pressing the central dial, the word “Music” will display, press M on the dial and the word “initialising” displays. You can now press play for Mothers Heartbeat or scroll right for Ocean Waves or Rain on Tin Roof.

The Magic Mitten has a fixed volume level and auto shuts down after approximately 10 minutes.

The volume can be muted by pressing the MUTE function on the dial.

The player can be turned off by holding down the central play dial for a few seconds. The player can also be turned on using the same method.

The player should only be operated in its allocated position within the Magic Mitten body, with the triple layered, sound diffusing comfort pad in place.

The Magic Mitten is extremely versatile and can be used in conjunction with a pacifier and swaying motion whilst holding your baby. All three techniques are complimentary to each other.

The Magic Mitten can be used with baby in your arms, or held up to his/her ear whilst in a crib/cot, car seat or pram.

The Magic Mitten has a replacement guarantee for faulty goods or workmanship for 12 months from date of purchase. Please note: Proof of Purchase may be required.

Getting the magic mitten all set up was no problem as all you have to do is follow the instructions as shown above, dont worry when you have the little mp3 player out of its mitten and you can't hear any sound as it only plays when placed in the mitten.

Mitten made of foam fabric.
Alfie is checking out the mitten after a tumble & trying to settle him down.

It has a fixed sound volume for the safe decibel level,

Three - sound options including  mother's heartbeat, rain on a tin roof and ocean waves.

The Mitten also has the ability to switch off after 10 minutes for safety and prolonged battery life.

My Alfie is such a wriggly baby and trying to calm him down is so stressful so when I got the magic mitten & tried it I was one happy mummy with a big smile on my face :)

At night I slipped the magic mitten over my hand and placed over Alfie's ear while I cradled him at first he was a bit unsure trying to take it away but he soon settled down and listened to the heartbeat sound, you could see the little smile on his face.
He was sure liking it and drifted off in my arms I could not believe it, he only ever does that when he is poorly .

I just wish the mitten was out when my daughter was born as Millie was born 10 weeks early & spent months in SCBU plus NICU it sure would of been amazing for her .

My verdict - Outstanding unique baby technology,  portable hand held device   .
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