Ella's kitchen new Dairylicious range

As I am part of the reviewing team for http://www.whatson4me.co.uk/ I thought I would give Ella's Kitchens Dairylicious a try .

They gave me some vouchers to take to the supermarket to get some free yogurts in exchange for my review .

At the moment I found two out of the three to try from my supermarket .

First are super smooth + creamy fromage frais.

6 x 55g
100% whole milk fromage frais, 20% real squished fruit + a squeeze of agave nectar, with nothing else added. It’s super smooth and packed with calcium from whole milk.

  Round £1.89 for six pots

             In this pack you will get x3 Mango & x3 Banana, fromage frais. Suitable from 6months + .

Millie tucking into her scrummy fromage .

I even had a little try and I can say they are very nice the texture is nice & smooth I did prefer the mango as I'm not a fan of banana but Millie loved them both .

Good ideal to put into your kids pack lunches .

My 15 month old son also had a try and he sure woofed it down .

Chilled out thick + smooth yoghurt
100% whole milk yoghurt, 20% real fruit + a squeeze of agave nectar, with nothing else added. It’s super thick + creamy so won’t fall off the spoon!

  • Strawberry + pear
  • Organic whole milk yoghurt 72%
  • Organic strawberries 16%
  • Organic pears 4%
  • Organic agave nectar 5%
  • Organic tapioca starch + water2%
  • Other stuff 0%

  • Millie is a massive fan of yoghurts and she did like this so much also what I like about ellas kitchen is the texture is just right as I have found with a lot of other brands it can drop all over the place this one is a nice consistency.
    Yes I must admit it's not as sweet as some other yoghurts but that's what I like as mummy and been a dental nurse as I have been looking for less sugar and sweeteners .
    Also you get -
  • Pineapple + mango
  • Organic whole milk yoghurt 75%
  • Organic mangoes 11%
  • Organic pineapple juice 9%
  • Organic agave nectar 3%
  • Organic tapioca strach + water 2%
  • Other stuff 0%

  • You could also add some into your kids breakfast sure would make it fun as well as getting a good amount of your 5 a day .

    Unfortunately I still have not found the rice puddings in my supermarket when I do I will add them to the review .
    My kids loved them .

    You can find them in the fridge in Asda, Waitrose, Tesco + online from Ocado!
    More information from - http://www.ellaskitchen.co.uk/