Little Fun Fest

I was absolutely so happy when I found out I had won tickets to the Little Fun Fest at York Maze .


“Fantastic Fun For Little Funsters”

Little Fun Fest arrives at York Maze in September bringing with it fun for little funsters and their families. The Big Top will arrive bringing with it performances from childrens tv favourites Alex Winters, Mister Maker and Mr Bloom. Alex will be entertaining your little funsters in the Big Top with an interactive show full of games, music and laughs. Mister Maker will be singing and crafting with the little funsters and Mr Bloom will bring his wonderful charm and entertainment to the stage and who knows, maybe a vegetable or two! That is not all though, the tv stars will be joined by Harry Potter characters, StarKidz, face painters, Puppet shows and more.

Little Fun Fest will also be bringing fairground rides, storytimes, craft workshops, face painting, walk about entertainers, circus school, Hogwarts Wizardry School and much much more.
Little Fun Fest aims to provide funsters with their very own festival experience. Funsters can lose themselves in music, magic, rides, stories and dance. They can enjoy being a child and use their imaginations and energy in beautiful surroundings with other funsters. We want grown ups to join in the fun too, but we also want them to be able to sit back and watch their funsters enjoy a memorable day and take home a permanent smile!

What a day for the Fun Fest on sauurday the sun was shining at not any sign of been any rain "yay".

York Maze was held this years Little Fun Fest.
We had Millie & Alfie with us I was not sure if Alfie would get a lot out of it been 12months but I was sure Millie would been 3 years . She loves Mister Maker and Mr Bloom.

The day started taking the kids to see Mr Bloom on the Big Top Stage

If your not sure who he is -

Mr Bloom's Nursery is a children's television program on BBC's brand CBeebies. Mr Bloom, played by Ben Faulks, is a gardener who helps children to get involved and inspired by nature. Each episode sees a small group of children (whom he calls "tiddlers") visiting his allotment, feeding his "Compostarium" compost bin and interacting with puppet vegetables

Mr Bloom was a massive hit with the crowds he has just got a fantastic interactive skills with the kids , he even brought along some real vegetables all dressed up for the kids to hold while the show was going on .

Was lovely to see him asking the children "what vegetable are you going to grow into ".
They also played the song intro to Mr bloom nursery all the children ware up dancing and so was Millie . After he had fished we headed to get a bite to eat over at the coffee shop that they had in the York maze .
                                                                             They had a lot of choice in the café .
The Kernels coffee shop is one of our two main food and drinkoutlets at the maze. It is set in a beautiful old brick barn, with a covered south facingterrace, looking out onto the sand and water play, and across the park. Our Barista’s prepare freshly made coffees,while our kitchens make a wide range of homemade sandwiches, wraps and salads freshly every day. Alongside some lovely cakes and treats, we also offer great value kids lunch boxes to fill at a “pick and mix” type bar. The range of foods the kids can choose from covers sandwiches, fruits, veg sticks, nibbles, cakes, biscuits, crisps & drinks.
Below is a sample menu and price list, the range of foods and prices can change through the season, but this will give you an idea of the type of range we offer :
Speciality teas & Coffees from £1.80
Freshly made smoothies and milk shakes from £3.10
Hot Panini’s from £4.10.
Tuna melt; ham & emmental cheese; brie, pepper and pesto.
Wraps from £3.75.
hoi sin duck; chicken, bacon and brie, Mexican bean & salsa.
Salad boxes from £4.20.
Asian King prawn & noodle; Greek salad; North African roasted veg & cous cous; Roasted ham and egg; chicken Caesar.
Homemade Sandwiches from £2.60
Egg and cress; Cheese ploughmans; Prawn cocktail; Tuna & sweetcorn; chicken & bacon club; roast Salmon & avocado; Roast ham and cheese; coronation chicken.
Cakes from £1.70
Luxury Carrot; chocolate fudge; ginger loaf; Lemon drizzle; muffins, slices and more!!
Kids boxes, 5 items in an animal box £3.95
Sandwiches: Jam; nutella; cheese; ham.
Veg pots: carrots; cucumber; olives; baby tomatoes.
Fruit pots: grapes; apricots; banana; raisins;
Cakes: rocky road; donuts; caramel slice
Plus: Sweetie pots, crisps, drinks and more!! .
After our yummy food we headed back to the big top stage as Mister Maker was coming on .
Who is Mister Maker -
Mister Maker is a pre-school children's arts and crafts programme commissioned by Michael Carrington at the BBC for CBeebies.[1] The programme launched in 2007[2] and also airs on BBC One and BBC Two. In the United States and Latin America the show airs on the Discovery Familia network, dubbed in Spanish.[3] To date three series have been commissioned from The Foundation (part of RDF Media).[2][4] It also airs in Australia on ABC2. The programme comprises a mixture of animation and real time content, and a spin-off programme Mister Maker Comes to Town began in 2010. Mister Maker is played by Phil Gallagher.
Millie was so happy to see Mister Maker she got so giddy.
 I can tell you know Millie loved him although when he started making it was not the one minute make time lol it did go on for some time making his crafts .
After that we started to make rote to the corn maze.

All of you getting lost in the corn maze ekkkkkkkkk.

Look who we bumped into after coming out of the maze :)
Mister Maker, Millie was a little shy bless her but all day she did not stop saying I met mister maker .
He was so pleasant he even shook my hand and was saying to Millie "hello and what's your name" .
My Hubby Jonny just loved it when he said to him "you have good mister maker hair"   :)
 TVpresenter Alex Winters .
 Millie putting her hand up when he was asking who watches CBeebies .
 Other thing to do .
The kids can spend hours playing in our water play area, pumping water down the runnels, creating dams and making streams. The sand play is based on a building site and the kids can use cranes and pulleys to move sand around our giant sand pit. All within sight of the sunny café terrace, so parents can keep an eye on the younger ones as they play
Can you scale the heights of the giant bale pyramid? Once on top you can get a bird’s eye view of all the attractions on site.
Jump for joy on this huge inflatable trampoline, the pillow is run in sessions for different sizes, so the little ones can bounce about safely, and the bigger folks can go crazy!
We all love to build with lego, so why not see what you can build with our giant building blocks?? Will it be a lunar base, or big ben? Watch out for those competitive Dads though, the kids can’t get a look in!.
We all had a fab amazing day thank you to @Tired Mummy of Two ( Laura Seaton ) as I won the tickets on her blog .