The kids' Toadstool Christmas Wishlist

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Over at The Toadstool they have set us mummy bloggers a very exciting Christmas challenge to come up with  between 5-10 items (or more) that your kids want under thire tree this year and why you want them under the Christmas Tree.

The prize - Win up to 300 pound in Toys for under the Christmas Tree and become the 1 of the first 5 selected Toy Toad Testers for 2014 .

 Millies Christmas wishlist  2013.

                                                     HABA DOLL PRAM HEARTS

Millie would love this as its very important for her to play role especially with having hydrocephalus as this would be very good for her to interact with dolls and the concept of what I do with Millie's baby brother Alfie putting him the pram , seeing that mummy does this as well .

Millie goes into hospitals a lot so this would be a good way for her to learn how and what they do plus use .

Role playing and pretend play are great forms of creative play which stimulate young minds and this sturdy doctor's case and contents has everything your little one needs to play doctor. Sit down quietly while your little one takes your temperature, dresses your wounds and gives medicine to make you better.

Contents: 1 prescription block, 1 pencil, 1 spatula, 1 wooden syringe, 1 tube of ointment, 1 spoon, 1 thermometer, bandages, 1 elastic bandage.  Fits Age: 3 - 5 years.

Could do with a game for Millie to help her to concentrate more as her attention span is very little.
Made from 100% rubberwood, sustainably farmed, Packaged in 70% recycled paper, Made with non toxic, environmentally friendly water based paints, Manufactured in Thailand under Fair Trade rules.
This lovely Lucky Mushroom has a blanket hidden inside. Easy to take on a long trip: when you get in the car, take the blanket out, and let your child use the toadstool hood as a pillow and cover them with this cosy blanket!
Would come in handy for car trips but also for Millie & her sensory needs as she is a massive fab of blankets.

                                                      HABA DOLL: LITTLE SCAMP METTE

I have had my eye on this doll since it came out just so soft, cuddly love how Millie can dress this little doll & take her out & about .

With a beautifully embroidered face, tactile orange hair and colourful clothes, Mette can’t wait to be your child’s new best friend and she’s great for encouraging imaginative play.

Alfies Christmas wishlist 2013

                                             HABA LARGE PLAYSET AT THE ZOO

Alfie is a massive fan of zoo animals we took him to Chester zoo not long back and he loved it so he would sure have some fun with this play zoo.

About - Welcome to the Zoo! A lot of wild animals live here and it's George the  Zoo keeper who looks after them. He keeps their stalls tidy, provides their food and plays with them. Little Zoo lovers can also think up all sorts of different role-plays with the animals. The beautifully designed, freestanding figures and adaptable and expandable back drop leaves endless room for the imagination. This  play set offers great opportunities for learning through play and can be combined with the Haba baby zoo animals set.

What a great way to promote motor skills with this stacking tower , could see Alfie trying to find his way round building a tower .

Race around the mountain and have lots of fun learning with this enchanting set of stacking of blocks. Numbered 1 to 10 you have to get the blocks in the right order and then you can enjoy a variety of different landscapes as all sorts of comical animal figures race their cars up the mountain. These really are stacking blocks with a twist and a sense of fun.
                                                 WONDERWORLD RIDE-ON FIRE TRUCK

My little boy would love this its just such a boys toy I could see Alfie riding round of this funky ride on a fire truck .

Let your little one get imaginative and start recycling from an early age. This ride on truck  has storage space under the seat for recycled items and a tow rope for pulling at the front. Colourful and practical, this is a great start to both your child’s driving and rescueing instinct!

  • Suitable from18 months, 
  • Made from 100% rubberwood, sustainably farmed,
  • Packaged in 70% recycled paper,
  • Made with non toxic, environmentally friendly water based paints,.

  • So now you know what's on my kids list for this Christmas why not tell me what your kids would like as well .

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