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I have just come across this fantastic site


Hello, my name is Virginie and I am the mother of two very enquiring preschool children – Hannah and Constance. Having read pages and pages of info in help books and on the internet, I know how important it is for kids to keep stimulated in the years leading up to when they start school. This being said, I also understand that this sometimes easier said than done!
The idea for toucanBox came from watching a certain popular children’s TV show. My 4 year old excitedly watched as the presenters built all manner of things from every day household objects. She looked at expectantly as if to say “Mummy, when are we going to start?” But we just didn’t have the “every day” materials required (I mean, who saves 24 ice lolly sticks?) and what with my new born leaving me housebound, poor Hannah was left disappointed.
I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if I could get a tailor made selection of materials and activities delivered to my door? A monthly treasure trove with educational and fun themes to keep the kids entertained in a productive way – all in one handy Box.
The next day I went out and bought all the stuff that needed whilst the kids were with the babysitter and made a mock up. Lo and behold, Hannah loved it, and the Box alone was enough to keep little Constance amused.
We’ve had a lot of fun realising this idea and we hope that you and your kids will enjoy your toucanBox .

1. Join
Join the club on a monthly subscription, or send as a gift  £9.95
per month

2. Receive
Get a uniquely themed Box of materials and inspiration every month to your door

3.Create & play!
Open your toucanBox and discover a world of fun and learning

Sample -
Bird Box

Project 1 - Bird Feeder
This month’s first craft project features materials and simple instructions to build your own bird feeder. Build it together, hang it out in the garden, and encourage your child to learn and draw the different birds that visit. Bird food included!
Project 2 - Toucan Family
Experiment with various materials with this hands-on activity, fostering your child's creativity and fine motor skills.
Project 3 - Bird Glider
Construct and colour a graceful bird glider and discover the principles of aerodynamics.
Project 4 - Peacock Collage
Create a beautiful peacock collage using colourful paper sheets and a glitter shaker.
Book - "Dazzle Duckling"
The charming little tale of a duck who doesn't want to get wet.

I have also found that you can try a box for free over on this link -

What you do its pop in your email and a code will be sent to you you put in the code on the site and it will come up as £0.00

You do have to put in your card info this for if you want to continue will the box after your free sample box  if you don't you can cancel at any time .
Remember this one is just a sample .

How do I cancel my next box? 
To cancel your box, login to your  account  using your email address as the login and the password you chose at the time of ordering your box. In "your account" section, go to "Change my box" where you can cancel. We prepare boxes up to fifteen days before they are due to arrive so if your boxes are being prepared when you cancel they will still be sent.  Our cancellation cut-off time:
  • monthly box: cancel before 15 th  of the month before the box is due
  • fortnightly box: cancel seven days before the box is due .
Also have Get 50% off your first box when you subscribe because Hannah introduced you
Why not pop over to site and take a look .