Weekend Box Review Plus Your Chance To Get Your FREE Box

Disclaimer - Precious little worlds were sent for free a weekend box in exchange for our honest opinion.
First of all just going to tell you a little more about the weekend box.
Our aim is to create high-quality activities for you & your children to enjoy together.
As a parent there are always many demands on your time and it can sometimes be hard to find time to source really exciting, high-quality activities to do with your little ones.
Andy started Weekend Box with the aim of solving that problem by helping you along your incredible journey and the experience of bringing up your children by providing you with the things you need when you need them.
Our focus is to source the highest-quality products from the best, independent suppliers across the UK. We assess each of our suppliers to ensure that their values match ours own high standards.

Remember the one we got to review was a free sample I will tell you how to claim yours later in my blog post .

Next Frequently Asked Questions

For little ones aged 3-8, delivered right to your door.
Your 1st box will be £5.00
Always Free Delivery
Each box will then be £7.50 (billed monthly).

When will my first box arrive?
As soon as you've placed your order we'll let you know via email when to expect your first box.
Why is there a slight delay between ordering and my first box arriving?
It takes us a few days to arrange the contents of each new box. This is normally between 7-10 days but we're constantly trying to reduce this.
Which day of the week will my box arrive on?
We post all boxes out using Royal Mail Second Class on Tuesdays. You should definitely receive your box by Friday but in exceptional circumstances it may arrive on Saturday morning.
When will I be charged?
You will be charged once a month on the Sunday before you receive a box.
Sometimes payments can take a day or so to show on your bank statement.
Can I add multiple children?
Of course! You can add siblings when you signup or alternatively just drop us an email at hello@weekendboxclub.com with your details and we'll add them on to your account. It costs £4.00 extra per sibling per box.
Can I pause my boxes?
Certainly - just drop an email to hello@weekendboxclub.com and we'll pause your boxes and make sure you aren't billed. Please note - as we send boxes out on Tuesdays we can only pause an order up until 5pm the Friday before your box is dispatched.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Oh no! We're really sad you want to leave but if you're sure, just send an email to hello@weekendboxclub.com and we'll take care of the rest.

As a parent of two kids, I do find it a little hard on a weekend, especially Sundays as my partner is at work its not too bad with my 18month old but for my 3 year old I struggle.
Finding stuff to keep my daughter ( Millie ) occupied, but when I had a chance to test out the weekend box what a perfect opportunity .

When the box came I did get excited and was very happily surprised on opening the box how many different activities you get.

Each will have around 5 activities -

  • Something to Make
  • Something to Cook
  • Something to Read or Write
  • Something Green


    Millie went for the sand art explorers!

    What you need -

    Sand (we gave you a few different colours)

    PVA Glue (provided)

    Sand Sheet (in your weekend box)

    A Plate ( Not provided )

    Time to create 20mins.

    Place sands into a plate or something you can divide the sands into.

    Now add glue to the black and white outlines on your shape sheet

    It's time to colour in your picture , try to take little pinches at a time and add to your pictures to colour in little by little. The sands sticks to the glue on the paper .

    Millie is having fun, it's also very good for the development  of motor skills, plus sensory just perfect for Millie as she has hydrocephalus , sensory issues.

    On the other card that tells you how to make your activities you can add a sticker to say you have done that task.


    Millie very happy with herself.

    This weekend we are going to be making a bird feeding tray watch out for updates on this post.

    But now for your chance to get your hands on a free box yes FREE thank you to weekend box - all you have to do is go over to - www.weekendboxclub.com and click on https://www.weekendboxclub.com/#giftCode  pop in HANNAH109 to redeem your free 1st weekend box.