Ready Baked Jackets 5 Minutes Only

When I got my eagerly awaited vouchers as I am a BzzAgent  . I soon got down to my local and bagged myself McCain ready baked jackets. At first glance the packaging is very simple but effective in the way that it has all the information needed to prepare them, My first potato I am doing in the microwave as I had just come home from work and did not want to mess about cooking so I got straight on and placing one of my jackets into the microwave what I thought was good is you don’t have to pierce the potato as there is already a cross cut into the potato what a bonus for me at the time as less hassle and the trouble for me as I to have the odd slip piercing and stabling yourself so is none of this.

I placed in for 5minutes as stated for my microwave and waited no longer than I made a cup of tea my jacket was ready to take out. It smelt good and also it retained its shape and did not shrink as I found with normal potato I place in the microwave when they come out they shrink but these did not.

 'm a vegetarian, so I went for some good dollops of butter with cheese and beans it all looked so good now for the taste hmmmmmmmm. Well, I was very shocked, that’s in a good way that the jacket potato was so light and fluffy with a very nice taste, texture to it even the skin was nice, I was very surprised as I did not think it would be that good but and the end I have to say the McCain ready to bake jackets in my opinion are better than the normal potatoes  I do in the microwave I defiantly think they are worth ago if you have not already .