Cant stop spoiling my daughter

Oh dear, oh dear, I have done it again, yep given in to my daughter once again. I can assure you all I am no proud of it, but it's a problem I'm not sure I will ever get over it .

I'm talking about how we spoil our kids, mine go's back to my childhood as I had a very good one and yep, I was the one who got everything I wanted at the time as a kid, of course I thought it was amazing, but now I am coming up to 31 this Wednesday I feel like my mum & dad did with me and my brother.

With my daughter Millie it all go's back to that day on the 25th of march 2010 when Millie was born 10 weeks early as my regular readers will know she has had so many problems and now is disabled with hydrocephalus, I am so lucky to have her and my son Alfie.

But I have this problem with Millie of always given her what she wants, one example was yesterday we went out shopping and my son is crazy on in the night garden, especially igglepiggle so I decided to get him the In The Night Garden Sleeptime Lullaby Igglepiggle.

Product Details £24.99 Your little one will quickly fall asleep cuddling up to the soft huggable body of Sleeptime Lullaby Iggle Piggle which is a new release from the popular In the Night Garden range. At the press of Iggle Piggles’s hand your child can listen to three lullabies and sway along with Sleeptime Lullaby Iggle Piggle as he gently sways along to the music. Iggle Piggle is super soft and so huggable that children will love snuggling up beside him and will be amazed as his cheeks glow softly in three different colours as he sways to the music. Suitable from 10 months to 4 years this would make a great present, ideal for baby and perfect for mums trying to get their little ones off to sleep. This soft toy which measures 30.5 x 21.5 x 20cm and requires 3AA batteries which fortunately are included.

So the next day my hubby to be giving our son, his toy and as soon as Millie saw it, she was like "who is that for " so i said it's for Alfie now bare in mind he is only 21 months and Millie will ne 4 years old on the 25th of march.  Well, she was not happy with me at all giving it all, why can't I have it and so on, having a big strop so we told her to sit on the naughty step for having a strop and having ago at her little brother.
She did calm down and I thought I was doing good I came up with the idea of getting her the upsy daisy one so I told her then it all started and she wanted it now I told her you can't have it now, but I can get it if you are good and stop hitting your little brother, so I went ahead and gave it, it should be with us by tomorrow after I come home from work.

I just seem to always give into Millie all I think about is when she was in that incubator and almost lost her, I was wondering if anyone else has this problem with their kids and most of the time give them what they want and yes, I know you are going to say it's not good well I know its not and its something I am trying to work on. I am not as bad as I was at first sure have defiantly toned it down, but it's trying to do it some more.

For me it's to do with I just feel so guilty to do for Millie been 10 weeks early plus having major brain surgery for a shunt to be fitted ,I know is nothing that I could of done as I tried my best to tell the staff when I was admitted to the ward something is not right but they all just told me "oh its just your water infection".

If anyone has any tips for me please let me know many thanks.