TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema Kit Review + Giveaway

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The TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema Kit has been designed to quickly bring soothing relief to itchy eczema prone skin. The formula plays a key role in providing relief from the itching, irritation, inflammation and redness associated with eczema. Created by Dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting.

The kit includes:

• TrueLipids Relieve & Protect Ointment

• TrueLipids TrueTherapy Ceramide+ Cream

• TrueLipids Eczema Experts Anti-Itch 1% Hydrocortisone Barrier Cream

Eczema Experts Hydrocortisone Cream

TrueLipids Eczema Experts Anti-Itch 1% Hydrocortisone Barrier Cream was especially formulated for skin irritations such as itchy skin, inflammation and rashes. This cream is often used in conjunction with the TrueLipids Relieve & Protect Ointment. The Hydrocortisone cream is used to help treat:

Atopic Dermatitis Dyshidrosis
Irritant Dermatitis Nummular Dermatitis
Eyelid Dermatitis Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Hand Dermatitis Itchy Dry Skin

TrueLipids Relieve and Protect Ointment

TrueLipids Relieve & Protect Ointment works at the source of dry, cracked skin by providing a patent-pending blend of essential skin lipids. This ointment relieves and protects dry, itchy, chapped, cracked, wind-burned and irritated skin, and it is effective for all ages and skin types. The TrueLipids ointment helps to treat:

Eczema Dyshidrosis Xerosis
Diaper Rash Nummular Dermatitis Ichthyiosis
Cuts, Scrapes or Burns Severe Dry Skin
Atopic Dermatitis Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Irritant Dermatitis Itchy Dry Skin
Hand Dermatitis Psoriasis

TrueLipids TrueTherapy Ceramide+ Cream

TrueLipids TrueTherapy Ceramide+ Cream is a cutting-edge, deeply moisturizing dry skin cream. Lipid Release Technology gives long-lasting, controlled lipid release to the skin where it needs it most. This cream is beneficial for people of all ages and varying skin types, and it helps to treat very dry skin or Eczema-prone skin.

I was very excited when I got the chance to review this kit as I myself are a Eczema sufferer and have been since a kid but lately it has been getting me down.

Picture of my poorly hand :(

As a Dental Nurse I work with my hands and wearing gloves taken them off and on plus washing them in-between has taken its toll on my hands.

Only been using a short time especially the one for hands and have to say getting some good results from this kid,love that it can be used on kids which is good to know.

After using the creams for around a week just look!

Have been using some of the other tubes on my face as do get some dry and Eczema bits around my forehead area too.

Yes that's right we have one set to giveaway this os for your chance to win a TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema Kit by Cheryl Lee MD
worth $149.97 UK = £97.54 of kit.

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